I am an idea person. I know this and I'm told this often. But, here's the really good news.
YOU are also an idea person.
It's true.
I've always thought and taught that the process of generating ideas is available to anyone who is willing to practice a little curiosity and observation—to anyone who is drawn to novelty and allows moments of mindlessness along with their mindfulness. 

If you're reluctant to believe me then I hope you'll watch this TEDx Talk by Laurie Smithwick ...


I LOVE that Laurie challenges and resists the long held and iconic symbol of a light bulb as an effective representation of ideas and (wait for it) suggests and promotes as a better option, the kaleidoscope. 

Ideas are not impulsive, unpredictable, switch-flipping bursts of brilliance. They are, instead, the product of diligence, exploration, and collaborative thinking. I want people to learn that ideas aren’t EUREKA moments; they come from observation, experience, and good ole problem solving.
I want people to leave my talk convinced that they have the ability to initiate the kind of thinking that generates “good” ideas.
— Laurie Smithwick

Have a listen and tell me what YOU hear.