Friday FIVE 4.22.16

ONE. Croatia
I'm headed here on Monday. I'll be traveling with my parents and my friend, Sue. It's a long story, but I'm packing today and getting pretty excited! I'll be posting to Instagram and doing some Periscope too! 

TWO. New shoes
Can you imagine anything more perfect to experience world travel in? I haven't been this happy about a shoe purchase in a LONG time. I am so giddy about my new Hot Chocolate Design Mary Janes. Now I just need to decide which design I will get next!

THREE. Edi Rama at TED
Seriously awesome for anyone who believes in the power of color to inspire and transform. Watch this talk and then go buy some paint! My favorite quote, "Compromise in colors in gray and we have enough gray!"

FOUR. Inbox Joy
Truly, there are very few emails that I read anymore, but this is one of them. This is how I know that TODAY is JELLY BEAN Day, and how I knew that I needed to make banana brownies on Wednesday, in honor of Banana Day. The Days of the Year website almost always gives me a reason to celebrate something with my family and that has got to be a good thing!

FIVE. Rx Bars
These are my new GO TO bars. As you can see, the ingredient list is boldly featured as part of the design. LOVE that. Nothing but real food. Coconut, pumpkin and chocolate sea salt are my favorites. I discovered these on Instagram, when I was doing Whole30 in March. RxBars are Whole30 approved. YUM.

Talk to me. 
Have you been to Croatia?
Worn Hot Chocolates before?
Crave color?
Love silly holidays?
Eaten an RxBar?

I want to know!