My NEW (monthly) Big Picture Class

People scrapbook for many different reasons and take a variety of approaches, all of which I support and celebrate, but regardless of the motivation or form that you're memory keeping takes, I believe that at least 20% of the time, we can and should be intentionally, planning and executing scrapbook pages and projects that expose or explore things in a (perhaps) truer, deeper, more connected way. At least, this is what I want for myself. 

In a selfishly-motivated move to create more of what satisfies me, I am teaching a new BPC class, with monthly installments. I adore the quick and easy side of this craft and I indulge in it regularly. How can I not? I have adorable, quirky kids an unfolding family narrative that I want desperately to preserve and a plentiful supply of inspiring products. I have enough already printed pictures that I could arrange photos and decorative deliciousness all day long for a year and not deplete my resources. Anyone? But here's the kicker: I have also learned that if I don't create a specific reason to, I won't make the effort to plan and build the story-rich pages that I now—after 20+ years in this industry—crave the most.  

The 20% Club.
With me.
If you're in, this means for every five pages you create, traditional or pocket or digital or whatever, you will create one that does a little more. And, I will totally help you!

Each month I'll share ...
1. My page or project
2. How the idea took shape
3. The steps I took to gather, prepare and design
4. My approach to documenting the story
5. What I learned and/or why it matters

One in FIVE. Care to join me?
If you're interested, you can go here to subscribe and then watch for the announcement that each month's class is live.

January is coming soon!

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