Pretty Painted Pinecones

Roughly four years ago, I pinned these painted pine cones to my very first Pinterest board, Happy Colors and I've never forgotten them—in fact, today is the first time I've relocated this pin and I knew exactly what I was looking for—that's a long time to keep an image in a brain like mine! I live in Eastern Washington, which is known for an abundance of Ponderosa Pine and their perfectly perfect pine cones, which are to die for. Every year in September, they begin dropping to the ground, by the hundreds--they're everywhere--and I have to resist them as I would candy, free for the taking. A week or so ago I decided it was (finally) time to follow through and make me some pretty, painted pinecones, so I challenged myself and my growing @everydaysprinkles community (on Instagram) to paint something!

I stopped at Home Depot after dropping Addie at the bus stop and bought me five awesome colors of Rust-Oleum, namely ... Aqua, Eden, Summer Squash, Aubergine and Paprika. I laid out big pieces of cardboard in our garage and started spraying. It took me three days-ish because I wanted to thoroughly coat each pine cone and I only painted as I came and went, taxiing kids and running errands. This was the perfect project for me, because I struggle with the focus thing that allows you to concentrate energy and effort in one fell swoop. 

On Friday I brought them inside and even before I could think about tidying up, I had to grab my camera, it was just too happy to NOT photograph, ha!

Here's the much less realistic view, but seriously, how pretty, right? EASY, colorful, fall decor!

I'm in LOVE. 
Here's what I learned ...

1. Spray paint makes me happy!
2. I'm grateful for Pinterest and now I know I really can go back and follow through!
3. You need a neutral color in the mix, ie. white. 
4. Use a variety of sizes of pine cones. I needed the three smallish ones that I wasn't sure I would use.

If you try this, post a link so I can see!


stacy julian