I'm bringing sprinkles back!

Today is June 1st. Unbelievably, we are halfway through 2015! Its been six months since I "retired" from full time work at Big Picture Classes and in that time I've done a LOT of thinking about who I want to be personally and professionally and what and how I want to contribute. You might know that I'm working on a pretty significant overhaul/refresh of my creative studio. As I work through this effort I'm trying very hard to keep only those things that truly spark joy (a phrase from this book.) This extended process with tangible things has given time and mental space to also consider the intangibles in my life that do or do not spark joy. What are the routines, rituals and habits that I want to let go of or change? And what are the things that I've done in the past that truly brought me JOY— those that I want to hold onto or bring back? From my earliest days as a mother, I've loved and used sprinkles. In 2006, I had a memorable experience with sprinkles which helped me see past their direct application to the power they have to spark joy in my everyday life. I began sharing this story at scrapbooking events. I began to speak about everyday sprinkles—not the candy kind, but the kind that involve intentional acts of awareness, compassion, curiosity. In 2009 I started a blog with the goal of posting one "sprinkle" every Monday morning (If I remember right, I eventually switched to Tuesdays). Anyway, I wasn't able to sustain this effort. An unexpected change at BPC and subsequent challenges with my health took higher priority and I chose to step away. But, I've recently decided to bring sprinkles back! This time however, sprinkles will live primarily on Instagram @everydaysprinkles so that they can be more easily discovered and shared. I will occasionally post additional ideas or inspiration here on my blog, but the real FUN will happen as you follow along on Instagram and use the hashtag #everydaysprinkles to call out what you are doing with the ideas I share. If you're not currently using Instagram, you can see my Instagram feed on my sprinkles page, here. As always, I'm super excited and anxious to connect and collaborate. If you have an idea for an everyday sprinkle, you can tag me @everydaysprinkles or email me, stacy@stacyjulian.com. 

Stay tuned.
The FUN starts tomorrow and every Monday after that!