Happy Valentine's Day

This is my sweet Addie and we would like to wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day. I'm still here in Salt Lake City. I get to enjoy one more day of RootsTech and I'm feeling fantastic for two reasons ...

1. My class is over, so the stress is gone. I can simply relax and learn (yay!)

2. My sweetheart flew in on Thursday night, so I get to be with my valentine.

And, then there is the fact that today, on top of more great classes, we will be treated to the likes of Donny Osmond, AJ Jacobs, David Archuleta and Studio C. In other words FUN!

I'll be back with much more about RootsTech. Remember though that you can watch all of the keynotes and many of the sessions via the live stream. So, tune in! 

p.s. About the photo. You've most likely seen this idea on Pinterest, but ... have you tried it yet? If not, then how about today. Grab one of your valentine's and ask them to hold a photo of an earlier version of themselves. 


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