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Yay! I'm on my way to RootsTech today.
My job as a  RootsTech ambassador is to share what I'm experiencing with you, which I will be doing every evening (through Saturday) right here. If you want more frequent updates, you'll want to follow me on Instagram, or search the hashtags #RootsTech and #RTAteam. I will also use Instagram to randomly post to Facebook and Twitter (scroll all the way down and click on the social media icons for direct links!)

I will be attending all of the general sessions (keynotes and entertainment events) which take place on a HUGE stage with 3 ginormous screens ... I share this because when I attended RootsTech the first time in 2012, I was blown away. I had no idea how big this event would be ... but, back to my story, I will be up front and in person for all the general sessions, and eager to report on them, but please remember that these presentations will also be streamed live, beginning on Thursday morning, at In other words, you can be there with me and the full schedule is HERE

I thought it might be fun to share my top ten list of the other sessions, from among the 300+ that I am planning on attending and invite YOU to tell me which 2 or 3 sound the most interesting to you. 

Note: This list has not been prioritized in anyway ...
Storytelling in the Cloud
Tools and best practices for converting various storytelling mediums into a digital format that can be saved in the cloud and meta tagged for easy discoverability.

Family History on the Go Using Phones and Tablet Apps
Learn creative ways to use tablets and phones to get work done while on the go: build a family tree, do research, create a digital scrapbook, keep a journal, etc. (This is Rhonna Farrer's class!)

Pinning Your Family History
Use sites such as Pinterest, History Pin and even Google Maps to share your family stories, find relevant content and information and make connections with other pinners. 

Why History Binds Families and the Tech of How
Studies have shown that knowledge about your family narrative strengthens relationships and creates a core identity that positively effects individual potential and family success. Learn how to use technology in your home to record and build on your family narrative. 

Ten Most Common Mistakes Made When Writing Your Personal History
Presented by Charles Hughes for Ancestral Ventures 

Project Life: Scrapbooking Has Never Been Easier!
Join Becky Higgins to discover the ultimate solution to getting photos out of boxes and off your phone—and into completed albums for your family to enjoy. No scissors, no glue and no creativity required.

Personal History Triage: How to Tell the Best Ten Stories of Your Life
Common questions and hurdles are: Where to start? What to include? What about sensitive issues? Learn a step-by-step method to make these decisions easier and the writing more fun.

By Small and Simple Things
It's the small and simple things that bridge generations and bring family history to life. Learn to use everyday objects and heirlooms to spark meaningful connections with your parents, grandparents, and ancestors as you create enduring family stories. (This is my class!)

The 2 Sides of Interviewing: Using Tech Tools to be an Effective Interviewer
Interviewing is more than sitting down and asking a string of questions. It involves courtesy, respect and efficiency. Technology makes the interview easier than ever, but the interpersonal touch is still needed. Learn about this balance. 

Right or Wrong: 6 Things You Need to Know about Picture Sharing Online
Upload, post, and share. Watch for pitfalls of permissions, resolutions, and reuse. The session covers the ethics and safety of picture sharing, popular photo sharing platforms and citing your photos. 

See? I need your help!
Leave me a comment and share which of these topics would be most helpful and interesting to you? When I return next week, I'll select one commenter to receive a RootsTech giveaway (I'm told, I'll be coming home with lots of cool stuff to share!)



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