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So, it's no secret that I'm playing catch up this holiday season. I've been crazy busy with my book project, but I finished and turned in my manuscript Thursday, did a second photo shoot yesterday and I'm now focused on making Christmas happen.

It's been a very long time since I've published a list of FUN christmas gifts. This is one reason I'm super happy that Uncommon Goods asked me to take a peak at their current product line and pick some favorites. I REALLY need to get gifts (fast) and guess what? I found (and ordered) awesome gifts for each member of my family. Read on to see what's on its way to the Julians ...

For my husband:
I think it's safe to say that I am not fastidious with the toothpaste tube. For 25 years, Geoff has put up with me squeezing and twisting and wringing the tube, AND rarely if ever putting the lid back on. We are forever wiping off crusty, dried on toothpaste that gathers around the opening.  I know, gross. Confession time. But I'm going to turn over a new leaf. 2016 resolution, let this contraption, appropriately named the Tube Wringer move the paste for me.
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I'm not making any promises about the lid. 

For Clark:
Clark has always had the spirit of adventure. He had the opportunity earlier in the year to do a dental mission to Honduras, has plans in 2016 to travel to Europe with a study abroad program, and if he gets funding might also get to do a research project in Bolivia, so, I'm getting him this sweet scratch-n-go map. That's not really what it's called, but what a FUN idea, right? After you've visited a state, or country you use a small coin to scratch off the brown surface of this map and reveal the color underneath. It's called the Scratch Map and I LOVE it. 

For Chase:
Chase is the boy who inherited the most potent dose of distractibility from guess who? It's taken me 50 years to learn HOW to not lose my keys. I'm going to save Chase 29+ years of frustration with this smart little tag. You simply attach it to whatever you tend to lose or leave behind and then download the app. The next time your keys go missing, you can literally track them down. And, let's say you lose your phone -- no biggie, you can track it with your keys! Yes, the tag works both ways. Bluetooth Tracking Tag


For Trey:
Trey is singing almost all the time. He sings in the shower. Now we have a pool and a hot tub. The other day, I found my little Bose SoundLink speaker down by the hot tub. Um, no thank you. Not ok. I'm quite excited about this cutie droplet-shaped speaker that is both water and sand resistant. I'm thinking it will get lots of use, especially as the weather turns warm again!
Bluetooth Droplet Speaker
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For Taft:
My Taft is SO smart. He loves trivia and remembers most everything he's read or learned. He and I have had some fun this year playing TriviaCrack with the mobile app, but I'm really liking the format of this Kwizniac countdown game and I think it will be a fun one for Sunday evenings, road trips and other times when we're unplugged. The goal with each card to see how many clues/statements you must read before correctly guessing the answer. 
Here's an example ...
10. Studies show that you are never more than 3ft away from one. 
9. They are an ancient mythological symbol for patience. 
8. They have blue blood.
7. They do not have a skeleton.
6. The can jump up to 40 times their own body length. 
5. Two nursery rhymes have been written about them.
4. They are ranked among the top 10 greatest fears.
3. A famous superhero is names after them.
2. They have eight eyes but very poor eyesight.
1. They secrete the strongest organic substance on earth.

See? FUN. Kwizniac Trivia Game
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For Addie:
Ok, I'm super excited about this one. Every single night as part of our bedtime routine, Addie puts a big X on her wall calendar, marking our completion of that particular day. It's the cutest thing. She also has a little tent-shaped calendar on the table next to her bed. She marks both calendars. So, I'm getting her this poster-sized calendar that you "mark" off, by popping a bubble. The challenge will be how to avoid popping more than one bubble a day! But, seriously, you now the euphoric feeling of putting a check mark on your to-do list? Imagine getting to POP that item off your list.
So clever! Bubble Calendar 2016
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I have two more JUST-FOR-FUN picks, starting with these cosmic lollypops. They are going in my family's stockings, because instead of asking the question, How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, you can ask, How many licks does it take to get to the center of the EARTH, ha! 
Planet Lollipops

How could I possible resist this GIANT bin of party sprinkles? Starting with two eight-inch butcher blocks and a whole lot of sparkle, Chef Suzi Sheffield and her team hand-blend the perfect combination of pastel sugar wafers, colored nonpareils, chocolate drops, and more to create a frivolous batch of sweet confection. The only way I can see to improve this gift, would be to put these cuties in a glass jar, to show them off! 

If you purchase one of these items, or find something else you love at Uncommon Goods, leave me a comment and let me know!

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!





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