Photos: Try this!

Have you tried the panoramic feature on your iPhone yet? It's cool! You basically open your camera app, swipe along the bottom to select "pano" or panoramic view and take a really long photo. Clearly this option is great for capturing a beautiful vista, but did you know that you can use it to duplicate people? It's true! And these fun prints (like the one above) can be printed from right inside the Photos program on your Mac. Since I didn't know that, until my recent trip to the Apple store for my one-to-one session, I printed my first batch at ...

When you move to "pano" mode you'll see a long horizontal photo taking area and a white arrow attached to a yellow line. The idea is to stand in a central position in relation to your intended subject or view and then turn your body from left to right, as smoothly as possible. Once you push the shutter button and begin to turn your body, you will see that the arrow will move along the line. Try your best to keep the arrow on the line, so that you end up with a straight horizontal plane in your photos. Be careful not to move/turn too fast. In fact, if you do, you'll be told to "slow down!" 

Now, try this: Position a person (or two) near the far left of your intended photo field. Once you've moved past that position, have them run behind you to a new position near the far right of your photo field, so that you capture them a second time before your arrow moves along the full length of the line and completes the photo. 

As you can see, Taft and Addie had a blast with this, and I did too!