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2019 State Science Olympiad competition.

2019 State Science Olympiad competition.

Some of you reading this blog, remember when my youngest boy, Taft was born. I created a really fun and doable project called, Thursdays with Taft. It was a crazy busy season of life for me. I had three other boys and a brand new job as editor of a brand new magazine. I needed an EASY way to document this baby’s first year—something I could easily fit into my life—something simple to execute. It was awesome. I took a photo every Thursday and wrote some details, thoughts, feelings, etc.. on a 4x6 card and slipped both into a photo album—this was all pre-Project Life girls. Way back when!!

Well, time warps of time warps, guess who’s little boy is wrapping up his high school experience and graduating in just SIX WEEKS. Six! Yep. And, even scarier. I have not kept up on the family tradition of creating a 180 Days album for him. I have successfully managed a near-daily effort to document the details of a senior year for my other three sons, and have now fallen (almost) flat on my face—whaat?
Here’s why. I am reinventing this 180 Days thing. I am going to make it happen for Taft and it will be 180% AWESOME. Not only that? I’m inviting YOU to participate with me. On Friday, May 17th at 6:00p.m. Pacific time I will be doing a Facebook Live event for anyone who wants to join in or watch. Together we will use my Short Story kit (purchase HERE) to document one school year for a student we love. If you’re like me and have a senior child, then you’re all set for a personal graduation gift, but you don’t have to have a senior—you can document a kid in kindergarten too, or any other grade in-between.

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I’ve created a PDF download supply list HERE to help you prepare.

Since the kit contains almost everything you need, you can really just focus on preparing your photos—and this can be done entirely from your smart phone as you go about your daily life.
Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Create an album in your photos app.

  2. Review each month of photo in your photo library beginning with August or September 2018, depending on when school begins for you.

  3. Select photos relating to this child—his friends, activities, everyday life, surroundings and major family events or trips that he’ll want to remember. Add these photos to this album.

  4. You can only use about 40 to 50 photos in this album, so now that you have an album full of potential photos, scroll through and select your most favorite images. Remove the others from your album.

  5. Spend a few minutes each day editing these photos if you want or need to—otherwise upload your final selection to your local photo developer or use the Persnickety Prints app.

I’m EXCITED to create this album project with you. Purchase your KIT (the striped album is available as of May 1st) and get your photos READY. You are going to feel like a super Mom and who doesn’t want to play that role from time to time!

Visit my Stacy Julian LLC Facebook page to RSVP for the event and invite your friends—the more the merrier! IF you have QUESTIONS, ask them here in the comments, send me DM on Instagram or email me stacy@stacyjulian.com — SEE you on Friday, May 17th.